Happy #EbookLove Day!

My Confession:

I was late to the ebook party. NuvoMedia released the first handheld Rocket eBook in 1998. Then, the Palm Reader was introduced, then Sony and Amazon and a host of other companies started producing e-readers.

I was aware of e-readers at the early stages thanks to Jane Bierce. Jane began as a Harlequin author who jumped on the ebook wagon as it was rolling out. I loved the technology, but…

…I didn’t jump on board.

In 2007, my first stories were published as ebook only titles.

I didn’t jump on board.

I also published titles in 2008.

I still didn’t jump on board.

I didn’t purchase my first e-reader until┬áNovember 2010.

If I Loved the Technology, Why Did I Wait 12 Years to Purchase an E-reader?

Well, price was one of the biggest obstacles. When e-readers were first introduced, they were hideously expensive. But even after the price decreased, I was resistant.

I loved my books.

The feel, the smell, the simple turn of a page. These were the aesthetics I was unwilling to give up.

What I Discovered.

When I first purchased my Kindle, I did what many new owners do: I downloaded a bunch of free Kindle titles from Amazon. Some were good, some were horrible, and some I still haven’t read.

Of course, I also purchased books from my favorite authors.

And, what I discovered is that all those aesthetics I felt were germane to my enjoyment of books – weren’t.

I still got lost in stories.

The medium didn’t matter.

The story was the experience – not the act of reading the story.

Do I Still Purchase Physical Books?

Yes! And probably will until I can’t fit any more bookshelves into my home.

Most of the physical books I purchase now are series, and I want to have all of them in physical form. I also purchase most of my craft books in physical form.

But the question should really be: Do I read the physical books I purchase?

Sometimes. Other times, I take advantage of the matchbook offer, or I borrow the ebook from the library. Holding my Kindle is much easier than holding a 500 page hardback, or holding a paperback and not trying to break the spine.

Plus, the ebooks are much easier to take on trips.

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