Clothing Conundrum

I’m 5″2″ tall.

And fat (or overweight if the word fat makes you uncomfortable).

What I am not is a linebacker.

Let me explain:

This is an XXL, flowy shirt designed to be worn with leggings. (Larger than I normally wear, but I like them bigger so I can layer.)

Do you see where the shoulder seam is?

Halfway down my arm.

This isn’t the only shirt I have with this problem. And, I’ve noticed other women with the shoulder seams of their shirts in similar positions.

In contrast, while on a rare trip to the mall, I purchased a shirt this weekend. A male junior XXL. (My DH was aghast at my purchase of an XXL, but as I explained to him – male shirts don’t really accommodate for boobs, so you’ve got to get a larger size for that reason alone.)

The shoulder seam on this shirt is almost where it should be – just a tad off.

This is a shirt made for a 16 year-old boy with more muscle in his shoulders and arms than I have. One who could conceivable be a football player.

So, why do women’s clothes designers assume overweight women have shoulders the size of NFL linebackers, but male clothes designers can get the shoulder seams correct?

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