Loss on Mother’s Day & Barefoot in the Dew

This is my Mom.

On one of her better days.

On Mother’s Day, 2009, my Mom suffered 2 severe strokes.

She passed away on April 2, 2015.

But on Mother’s Day, that’s when we lost her.

The strokes did irreparable damage, and after weeks in the hospital, she was moved to an assisted living facility, but the woman who lived there wasn’t my Mom.

Her personality had completely changed. She said and did things my mother never would have.

She was the Mom I loved, but not the one I knew.

I’m also remembering my Aunt Linny. She was the quintessential southern, spinster aunt.

She never married and never had children of her own. But she loved kids and ran what would now be called an in-home daycare for most of her life.

We’d go visit her a couple of times a year, and one of the things she never let any of us kids do was go outside before the dew evaporated.

I have no idea why.

So, this morning, I went outside, barefoot, and walked in the dew.

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