Motivation Monday

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Jaws is one of my favorite movies (and it never scared me away from swimming in the ocean).

One of the first things people think of when they hear the title is the famous, ad-libbed line, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” But, my favorite line from the movie is Hooper’s, “I got no spit.”
When you scuba dive, you spit in the mask and pretty much smear it around. This keeps the mask from fogging up while you’re in the water.
Anyway, with that line, Hooper is admitting that he’s scared. This is a guy, an oceanographer, who has spent his life studying sharks. And he’s scared spitless, but he goes into the cage and faces the shark.
The writing industry is filled with sharks. Changes are happening daily to bite into our income streams; trolls and snarky reviews bite into our creativity; day jobs, family, and life obligations bite into our writing time, but you’ve got to be like Hooper. Publishing is a big ocean with lots of sharks, and it’s okay to admit we’re scared, but we’ve got to put on our wetsuits and face them.

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