It’s Been Awhile (for a lot of things in my life)

This is my first post in ages. It seems that the older I get, the longer the winters become. And my level of motivation drops to almost non-existent.

Maybe it’s related to SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or maybe I’m just getting more lazy. Probably the 2nd. I don’t even look for new shows on Netflix. I just start SPN again.

This past Saturday, I went to a local park & walked 2 miles. It felt great to get out & be active. (I hate having my picture taken – even when I’m the one taking it. One of my goals this year is to get over it and be in more pictures.)


Another thing I’ve let slide is my reading. I’ve only read 3 books this year! JD Robb’s Echoes in Death (It came out on my birthday!), JK Ensley’s Forgotten Grace, and the shared-world anthology, Masquerade. All of these books were fabulous, and they reminded me why I should be reading more – to experience other worlds (futuristic New York, Japan, and a Neo-Victorian party in Ireland).

I need recommendations! New experiences! Drop a television show, movie, or book that will take me to new places, to new experiences, while I’m sitting on my recumbent bike because even though it’s beautiful outside, I can only get out on the weekends, and then only with a super dose of allergy meds.



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  1. Jennifer Ensley - Reply

    Movies to watch… Bunraku, The Fifth Element, Kill Bill 1&2, Kubo and the two strings, Prince of Persia, Lords of the Rings (all, even the 3 Hobbit ones), Dracula Untold, and Deadpool. That last one was just if you wanted to know what my ideal husband was like. 😉 TV shows… Taboo, Vikings, Colony, Mushi-Shi, Wynonna Earp, Magicians, Death Note, Into the Badlands, Supernatural, and Sleepy Hollow.
    All of these are amazing stories told in fantastical ways. They are not your typical, linear, dull-concept and duller-execution shows. They are unique and masterful–either in the way they are told, filmed, acted, or the backstory. If my imagination ever runs dry, one of these tales will set me back to rights. Enjoy!!!

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